Beautiful Girls

They laid on the carpet of her bedroom floor, bundled in hand-made quilts. Their soft whispers turned to loud bursts of laughter every once in awhile, unsettling the calm of the house. They gazed up at the ceiling, their hands and hair intertwined. Time seemed to slow as they poured out all of their troubles and worries and their biggest secrets. Nothing else mattered. When one would talk the other would listen, softly stroking back the curls on her forehead. Their voices got quieter and quieter, till their worries were gone and sleep washed over them.


She awoke with a start.  Her window was open, the curtains billowing. Light flashed as they waved, leaving strips along the walls.  She pulled the sheets off of her body and slipped out of bed.  Shrugging on her sweater, she left her bedroom.  She stumbled down the narrow dark hallway.  Reaching the door, she cracked it open and peered in.  Lise was turned away from the door on her side, the sheets loosely draped over her bare back.  She opened the door and walked in, stepping quietly over the wood floors.  Lifting the sheet she slipped in beside Lise, pressing up against her.  She took a deep breath, breathing in the smell of Lise’s hair – lilacs.  She laid her head against her shoulder and fell asleep.