Raison D’être

I write because I know I’m not going to be here for very long.  I know that years after I have gone, my life will disappear as did many other lives before me.  I write because in the limited time I have, with every fiber of my being I want to inspire people.  I want to have done something that will live on in somebody’s heart and be remembered.  I write because maybe I’ll touch somebody, even if it’s long after I’ve gone.

Everybody has different reasons.  There is mine, strange yet cliché as it is.

Army Men

My brother looked up at me.

I nodded.

We stood where the ocean met

With the beach.

Waves washed up

Against our feet,

Seafoam brushing our ankles.

We made the plunge


Our arms linked, we took

A big stride.

We stomped through the waves

Until the water

Reached our waists.  

The waves crashed

Against us,

But we stood strong.

We beat the waves. We stood

Our ground,

Like army men, we stayed.

Like army men, we stayed.

We beat

The crashing waves.  

We stood

And screamed and laughed.

We kept

our ground, or at least we tried.  

The waves

Grew higher with greater


The wind grew


And one army man


A shocking cold,


An icy knife

Stabbed me. It


My skin. One army man fell.

I surfaced from the

Cold depths,

The waves still trying to push

Me down,

But army men never leave a

Man behind.  

His arm stretched out,

And I pulled.

I pulled up from murky


I choked for breath.

But I stood,

Strong, once again.


I was an Army man.

So we stood,

Strong once again,


Just like army men,