I Rose with Her Breath

I rested, my body dangling

Entangled in chains.

Twisted I swayed

As stormy nights shook the walls

Rocking the world

From side to side.

Empty of even

the smallest remembrance, I was

Unused. Rarely worn, dust collected

In the roses engraved,

Spiraling up

And around my body.

Returned to the earth

Was she, and since,

No purpose have I.

I rose and fell with her every breath

And felt the pulse of her heart

Quicken and soften.

With her I rested

Between her full,

Pale breasts. Closer

Than any


Could reach.

Her creamy skin

Was richer

Than the froth

Of milk,

So fresh

It was still warm.

She spoke with a faint lilt

From round ruby lips,

And smiled from eyes

That glistened

A dark,

Midnight blue.

Robust as the scent of the earth

was the Spanish lavender

That seemed as if to come from her

And float in the air around her.

An indescribable smell,

Too dark and thick to call sweet.

On bright

Summer days,

Light gleamed off of my soft gold

Until came the frost

And I grew cold, prickling

Her skin.

There I stayed,

‘Til I no longer rose

or fell

With her breath

And warmth escaped her


Her pearly white

Skin turned gray.

I was stripped from her

Never to be worn

By as gentle and fair a woman


Never to hear

Her voice

As thick and smooth as honey

Or to feel the song of her heart


Never to dance and sway

As she moved with the

Effortless grace

Of a summer wind

Or rest in her warmth




any thoughts?

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